Peppermint Babe

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The new peppermint babe me candle !!! The aesthetic look of peppermint martini and the scent of peppermint mocha.  This is perfect for the friend how loves martinis! Perfect for your coffee table , bar cart or bedroom ! You can even clean out the glass & use them to make your peppermint mocha  martinis ;) 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: These candles may not burn like our traditional jar due to shape of the glass. It still smells amazing even without lighting it. 
 Please realize this before ordering so that you will not be disappointed should you try and burn right! Again it will still burn and smell amazing ,it’s just not going to burn fully like our normal peppermint mocha candle, this one is more so for decoration. 


*Ships within 2 to 6 days after Ordering *

- Peppermint mocha  scent

-  Topper with real peppermints 

- glass is 7 inches tall & 4 inches wide 

- 9.3 oz 

- two different colors